Landlord's Legal With Rent Guarantee

It can be one of the biggest investments your customers will ever make and you can ensure that they have adequate insurance in place by tailoring a Paragon Let policy to meet their needs

Typical cover benefits are as follows but would be dependant upon your client’s requirements/quotation

Cover is provided for up to £25,000 of legal expenses insurance

Advisors Costs

Rent cover of up to £2,500 per month and up to £10,000 per claim, or six months' rent (whichever is less)

Wide cover for legal expenses incurred in disputes with tenants, including costs incurred in the recovery of unpaid rent

Paperless application and immediate cover .Covers legal costs incurred in tenant disputes

Accidental damage cover can be purchased as an addition to the standard cover provided by both the landlord's buildings and landlord's contents section. If you have any enquiries please email the Residential Let Manager or call 0344 557 9100

For more information about our policies please check the Downloads page for Policy Booklets and Policy Summaries. Link can be found at the top of the page.