Cover for your gadgets upon your client's requirements

Typical cover benefits are as follows but would be dependant upon your client’s requirements/quotation

Multi-Gadget Cover - Cover is automatically included up to the Sum Insured selected per gadget

Theft - If a gadget is stolen we will replace it

Accidental and Liquid Damage - We'll have the gadget fixed and pay for any incurring costs as a result of an accident

Malicious Damage - If any mobile phone is maliciously damaged by someone else, we'll fix it and replace it

Breakdown Extended Warranty - If any mobile phone suddenly stops working and the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, we’ll fix it or replace it

International Cover - Electronic gadget/s are covered for up to 60 days abroad within any 12 month period. Replacement or repair can only be dealt with once they are back in the UK.

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For more information about our policies please check the Downloads page for Policy Booklets and Policy Summaries. Link can be found at the top of the page.